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Screaming Colour is a Creative Production House. We combine the latest technology with more traditional methods to help ideas and concepts become a reality. We let our imagination run wild, we are always curious to try something new and have a real determination to make things happen.
box of inspiration
Our box of inspiration contains samples that have been designed to demonstrate some of the fantastic results that can be achieved and the range of substrates that can be utilised. More importantly we hope to inspire you and to increase your creative options with our wide range of printing capabilities.
bids and tenders
We have tailored our design and production services to give our clients the most comprehensive and effective bid production capability. With over 18 years’ experience working across all market sectors we have helped create winning bids, pitches and tender responses worth tens of billions of pounds.
sales and marketing
With the combination of our award winning printing and finishing services we can create the very best in high quality, attention grabbing and innovative sales and marketing collateral. We operate 24 hours a day to meet tight deadlines and quick turnaround times.
bespoke boxes
Our bespoke boxes division offers the greatest range and flexibility of boxes, binders and packaging. From prototypes and low volume production for pitches, bids, product launches and presentations, to tens of thousands of copies for retail, direct mail and product packaging.
technology in print
There are many ways to communicate with clients, but printed material often is the most effective, generating the greatest response. We know how to enhance this response even further, by combining print with the latest technological developments.
direct mail
We make communications more effective with Smart Direct Mail. This equates to a massive opportunity for companies wishing to grow their business. Direct Mail is not just a numbers game, it's about communicating interesting, dynamic and relevant information to a targeted audience.

exhibition and events
We understand what goes into making an event or exhibition successful and the range of material required. With digital, litho and large format printing capabilities, all the complimentary finishing needed in house and operating twenty four hours a day, we can ensure you have everything you need.
finishing & fulfilment
High quality print is just part of the story - the finishing is equally important. Screaming Colour has the most comprehensive, innovative finishing facility in the country, giving you the greatest possible choice even when timescales seem impossible.