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technology in print
There is a broad range of technology we can combine with the printed piece to grab attention, add innovation and make your marketing piece interactive. These include video screens, NFC technology, digital keys and augmented reality.
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables simple and safe two-way interactions between a NFC ready device (a smart phone) and an NFC tag in marketing or sales collateral. This provides intuitive communication and can launch Apps or Websites or be combined with social media or SMS texting.
digital keys
A Digital Key is a small USB device that automatically launches a website on a computer when plugged in. Digital Keys use patented technology and have no compatibility or security issues. Each key has an ID which makes each one unique. This means you can track and analyse the response and behaviour of users in real time. It is possible to pre-programme the end-user journey so on each plug-in, a different URL is dynamically launched. You can also update the landing page for continued communication and a fresh content experience.
video screens
These can be integrated into brochures (business card size and upwards), pitch documents and boxes adding video and animation to your printed piece.